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The Challenge of A K Clearing Agency is to minimize costs, improve transport efficiencies, overcome trade, technical and paper barriers, and apply improving technologies to ensure completion of project requirements in the time allotted. At A K Clearing Agency, we offer single window services covering all aspects of integrated project.

Any size, any weight, anywhere, anyhow, anytime, everytime. Thatís our forte in Transportation.

We Offer:
  Transportation of general cargo.
bullet   Transportation of heavy and over dimensional consignment.
bullet   Arranging all clearance from PWD / RTO / Police / Forest dept. etc.
bullet   Feasibility study for the port and road for transportation of heavy and over-dimensional cargo.
bullet   Multi-modal transportation by road / rail / barge etc.
bullet   Specialized transportation of very heavy consignments by hydraulic axle trailers.
bullet   Civil engineering and structural engineering.
bullet   Design and fabrication of special structure.
bullet   Unloading of cargo at site.
bullet   Placement of foundation / erection of heavy and over dimensional consignment.
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